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Usually of women, fat ankles that lack definition and seem to merge with the calves of the leg.

E.g."I caned it down the motorway and got there in record time." 2. E.g."I've been caning whizz (amphetamine sulphate) all weekend and had no sleep for 3 days."Noun.

But all this is superficial; what Paulina truly needs is not the materialistic trappings themselves, but a man who is willing to provide them.

Once the will is there, she doesn’t even need the things at all! Step up to the plate, and she will reward you with the enormous bounty that only she possesses.

E.g."Harry's done his usual, he's missed the toilet and chucked all over the floor." 2. E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning." Noun.

E.g."That film was boring, too long, and generally just total chuff." 2.

Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male. A game of courage in which competitors dare one another to complete a given task.

You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun.

Watch some TV, drink a little wine, and go out clubbing tomorrow night?

E.g."Come on chuck, let's go out whilst the sun's shining." Verb.

Maybe you should crack a window – it might be rainy outside but indoors, it’s heating up!

Sophisticated Paulina likes the finer things in life – good food, expensive wine, fine jewelry, and beautiful clothes to wear.

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Working on busy shopping streets chuggers are often young people and will usually be seen carrying clipboards.

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