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Jane fonda dating

Megyn Kelly has incensed the liberal base she would often toy with during her years on Fox News with comments she made about Jane Fonda on Monday The host criticized Fonda for her actions during the Vietnam War four decades ago on her now infamous trip to Hanoi, and then claimed that the actress had yet to apologize for her 1972 tour of North Vietnam.That claim is questionable at best, with Fonda stating multiple times that she regrets ever giving off the impression that she did not support US troops.Many of our veterans still call her Hanoi Jane thanks to her radio broadcasts, which attempted to shame American troops.She posed on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down our American pilots.

Even she had to apologize years later for that gun picture - but not for the rest of it.'She then closed out by saying: 'By the way she still says she's not proud of America. And honestly she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive.'Kelly's claim is inaccurate however, with Fonda apologizing directly to a group of Vietnam veterans in 2015 while appearing at an event in Maryland.'Whenever possible I try to sit down with vets and talk with them, because I understand and it makes me sad,' Fonda told those assembled at the Weinberg Center for Arts according to The Frederick News-Post. Never.' Fonda then explained: 'This famous person goes and does something that looks like I’m against the troops, which wasn’t true, but it looked that way, and I’m a convenient target.

She proceeded to bring up Fonda's disagreeable actions throughout the Vietnam War when the actress said prisoners of war were "hypocrites and liars," took a controversial gun photo and called prisoners' torture "understandable." Fonda did address her actions and apologised for the image, but Kelly criticised her for saying "she's not proud of the country," which is why veterans call her "Hanoi Jane." Fonda originally appeared on Kelly's show about four months ago where Kelly brought up the actress' plastic surgery and replied with, "We really want to talk about that right now?

Jane Fonda is doing a-okay after a brush with cancer.

After all, this is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage.'That is when Kelly launched into Fox News mode.

'Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam war, many of our veterans still call her "Hanoi Jane" thanks to her radio broadcasts which attempted to shame American troops.

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Kelly does not seem to be laughing however in the wake of that interview.

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