Updating forms due to law changes

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Updating forms due to law changes

In this environment, protections such as the '2 out of 3 rule' are no longer needed but some protections will still remain.The reforms will keep the requirement for at least five independent media 'voices' in metropolitan commercial radio licence areas (mainland state capital cities), and at least four in regional commercial radio licence areas.The Government has announced a series of reforms to Australia’s media laws including most recently the Broadcasting and Content Reform Package.The media laws below will support the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing global competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape.In addition, an individual will still not be able to control more than one commercial television licence in a licence area or more than two commercial radio licences in the same licence area.

Under the reforms, the Government will repeal two media control and ownership rules in the In addition, the Government will introduce changes that will protect and enhance the amount of local television content in regional Australia as well as introducing an incentive for local content to be filmed in the local area.

Per the USDA, the 2014 Farm Bill required new regulations ensuring that stores accepting SNAP offer a variety of healthy food choices.

Per the , FNS wants to revise the information collection of paper and electronic SNAP application forms in order to clarify questions.

In addition the reforms will provide a new 'local filming' incentive which will provide three points for every minute of local news that is also filmed in the local area.

The new points structure will strengthen the link between local content and local communities.

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Australia's media ownership laws were drafted during an analogue era before the internet, when the media landscape was dominated by print newspapers and commercial radio and TV services.

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