Gaz speed dating nz

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Gaz speed dating nz

45 I have a 1949 Velo Splex in 85% original condition and I am thring to figure out what to ask for it? UK Recommend you try the Solex Directory Fri Jun 29 2007 aleyte at hotmaildot com 1966 Velosolex Hello, I have a 1966 Velosolex Moped. I have bought a velosolex in the UK to take to France I will need insurance but will it need to be registered in France or require a Controlle technique?Sincerely, Rocky Wiley 530 478-0866PST 519 Sacramento st Nevada City CA 95959 USA CA, USA Velosolex 1949 California Sat Jun 06 2009 pethard at au throttle tube for 1966 velosolex velosolex type 3800 where can i source athrottle tube and throttle cable for a type 3800 velosolex motobecane walcha,australia Mon Dec 08 2008 velosolexmekaniker at Velo-Solex parts for sale all models all I sell Velo-Solex parts, brand new and used. I do not have or sende a list Denmark Sat Nov 01 2008 david.hilgenberg at volvodot com Tires for Solex 5000 Solex 5000 Hi Friend! I am looking for a pair of tires for my Solex 5000. Do you some store in internet that sell this tires? Curitiba-Brazil Tue Oct 21 2008 hrchu at aoldot com velosolex to buy S 3800 S3800 Hello i am living in america and would like to buy a velosolex can you send me a catalog which contains sizes & is my address , 170 Newyork avenue, Brooklyn , New york ,11216,. Brooklyn USA 11216 Sat Aug 09 2008 joe at uk instruction manual solex 3800 Can you advise I have an as new less than 1 hour use garaged 3800I am interested to sell this cycle I also need a instruction book any help thankyou Joe Case southampton uk Mon Mar 03 2008 thechases at btinternetdot com Solex Spare Parts Solex S 3800 Do you know where I can buy spare parts for this model in England. UK Thu Oct 12 2006 quoctrangchuotbeo4 at gmaildot com Velo-solex 1960 I would like to have the price list for Solex parts, what should I do?Never used, 10km from new and is as new, complete with baguette basket at rear. I've just acquired a Sole X 3800 S which was brought into the UK in 2006 from the estate of a chap living in Belgium. A plastic headlamp lens is fitted and no 'extra' lamp is on the headlight.It is in very 'unmolested condition and my feeling is it hasn't had anything done other than some decals removed...there are no stickers on the sides of the frame or on the motor for instance.

Regards Roger gmaildot com Velosolex 49cc I have a 1998 R registered Velosolex for sale. Taxed and MOT Brand new matching helmet £50 York, England hotmaildot com velosolex parts velosolex 4600 (1974) looking to buy two 19 inch tires, rims,and pedaling system and pedal cranks for my solex wondering about prices and shipping any parts or help would be great thank you nl canada hungarian velosolex velosolex s3800 i am trying to get the year of manufacture of the velosolex.i have the engine and frame numbers,but i cannot find the required information Sat Feb 20 2010 jonhaddock at velosolex Velosole X (Motobecane) 3800 S Hi! The machine bears all the hallmarks of a late model with black plastic bicycle or motorcycle style conventional style brake levers, an 'M' on the seat post, a black plastic rear mirror is fitted which looks like OEM from later models.

I'd LIKE it to be '60's as the machine would be exempt from tax (or indeed post 2001 for that matter. Canadian source is preferred, however will consider all other options. velosex 3800 Hello, I live in Thailand and I have a velosex 3800 in need of Medical attention. Can any of you point me to a page for a Maintenance Manuai in English.

I can't find much specific data about the later ones... Edmonton, AB Thu Sep 17 2009 rwiley111 at 1949 Velo Solex velo solex ? I really want to preserve this old bike,any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thailand Velosolex-3800-Manual-Spanish Mon Nov 06 2006 chris-Wheeler at hotmaildot com Do I need to register my Velosolex in France?

Both Brigitte Bardot and Steve Mc Queen ( rode Velosolex machines. NYC, USA Velo Solex for sale Velo Solex 3800 3800 (50's/60's? Thanks for your time Canada Velo solex cycle model velo solex collector model I am looking fo miture model of the velo solex IXO-Altaya does one of these in 1/24th scale. Velosolex 3800 1967 Fitted with new brake shoes the performance is minimal (would not stop the roller on MOT test. im a woman.i have to bend the new line but i cant tell where it goes,does it go so close to the muffler?

Sat Jan 17 2015 moosiefalls at 3800 3800 looking for someone in canada who could refurbish a velosolex 3800 engine(engine runs needs to be gone through) 1972,and a 1974 engine also newfoundland canada Wed Sep 10 2014 briansolex at Velosolex Solex technical help Velosolex Solex I am happy to help people with Velosolex Solex historical and technical questions. ) Hi, I am wanting to sell my vintage Velo Solex and am not sure how or where I would get a good deal in South Africa! Thanks South African bearing/connecting rod Velo solex 3800 3800 I have installed a new crank bushing into the roller bearing. There is also a Peugeot J7 Van with Velosolex advertsing. problem and spare parts Velo solex 3800 hallo, I need an advise (problem with carburator) and need to order some spare parts. can u please send me an email with some sort of discription of where it goes,or maybe send me a picture of an engine showing the feul lines.

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thank you..monica in canada thank u canada Velosolex 1966 Canada Brake adjustment Velosolex 3800 I'm looking for instructions on how to adjust the brakes, my instruction manual shows newer brake handles, I have the older traditional ones hinged at the back.

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